When it comes to customised clothing, the Buccaneer Group pricing model is quite simple; we can sell you a single item either plain or decorated or we can sell you thousands of the same item plain or decorated, but for sure there will definitely be a per unit price difference! We work on the simple economic model of the more units bought the cheaper the individual unit price becomes.


The prices we illustrate online and in our catalogues for garments and items offered for sale, show both the lowest quoted price for when over 100 units are purchased and the single unit price when between one and four units are purchased. These prices and all the relevant price breaks in between are illustrated in detail in the below tiered price list table. This is our standard tiered pricing used for the vast majority of products; there may be other product groups that attract a different tiered price list table, however the principle is still the same – the more units you buy the cheaper the unit price becomes.


In the same way that the garment and item price decreases as the number of units purchased increases so does the cost of decoration as per the below tiered price list table.



BAND A - (RRP Single Unit Price)









Base Garment Cost

% Discount:






Number of Units:

1 to 4

5 to 16

17 to 48

49 to 99

100 +

Basic Decoration Costs Per Unit

Standard Embroidery:






Standard Print:






Large Embroidery (Back):







All prices quoted in our catalogues are the net price for a garment or item without any decoration applied and exclude any VAT that may be applicable.

The standard cost for an Embroidery Set-up is £16 + VAT; this is a one-off cost and is not required for future orders.

Some printing decoration work may be subject to nominal set-up artwork and or artwork manipulation charges.


Many valued customers have regular orders from us, as and when they need custom decorated garments and items. These orders may vary significantly in value and volume, in this instance we agree a Price Band relevant to the typical monthly, quarterly or annual spend we anticipate the customer may turnover with us. This then means that all orders are done so on a Band Rate (B to E) irrespective of if they are small orders or volume orders.


If there are any questions about this pricing structure just give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk you through the model and how it works, and what solution is the most cost effective for your requirements.

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